What is trading? Basics of trading

Basics of Trading and necessary information


Basics of trading? what is trading? and how to do it? Most of people see the lucrative market of forex and other commodities. It feels good when they see that market is going up and down. It looks easy to make money in the running market, but what is trading? how to do it? this is a question. Trading just looks good, but it isn’t as much easy as brokers project it in front of you.


Basically, this is a lucrative market and every person wants to make money, because they see some payment proofs on internet. There people claim that they have made a lot of money within seconds or within a day. It can be true, but people should know that it is not applicable to newbies. It is applicable on those who are seasoned traders. They are old traders and working with market for a longer time. They have deep analysis of market and they know the history of market.


It is highly recommended to learn the trading and other necessary basic things before start trading. It is fortunate that there are several expert advisor robots available in market to help you in forex trading. Why I am focusing on forex trading? because it is too much volatile, high yield market with a lot of leverage with small amount as low as $10.


Basics of Trading with demo trades


There are a lot of things that a trader should see before start trading. The first thing is trading platform that broker is offering. Execution of orders is also an important thing, because sometimes when market is volatile, then we may see delay in order execution. With some brokers, they don’t stop trading whether you use stop loss or any other limit. Because of market volatility, it breaks all the rules and barriers and as a result, whole account wipe out. Sometimes we may see a negative balance in the account. That’s why we shed light on basics of trading.


Due to heavy volatility of forex market and crypto market, it is highly recommended to use demo accounts first to understand the volatility of market. This will help you to understand the expected movement of market. Demo account will teach you how to analyze the market. Once a trader understand how to analyze the market then he will be able to make money in market.


There are something that are similar in all the markets, if you are trading through meta trader. The first and main thing is chart system. Minutes to year time frame chart. Three kind of charts to analyze the market. bars, lines and candle stick. Traders can use any chart to analyze the market, but most of the the traders use candle stick. So, I will also suggest you to use candle stick pattern to analyze the market, as it is widely used by market analysts. Since the market is too much attractive with over 3 trillion dollars a day transactions in only forex market, traders may get too much attract from market. But remember to learn before start earning. It will decrease the chances of losses in market.

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