Binary Options Basics – Traders should know

Binary Options Trading:

Binary Options is an easy way to trade in any market, whether it is forex or commodity market. If we see the forex market then we will find that it is too much volatile. Due to its volatility, it has a lot of charm to make money within shortest time. Binary Options is actually a way to facilitate the traders who want to make big money with small risk factor. Whether the market is high volatile or in sideways situation, binary options has limited risk for traders.


In simple words, if we say about binary options, then it is actually a ledger of trading in proper means. You open trades just like forex or any other commodity trading, but you then bet to a limit while opening the trade. You bet on the market, whether it will go up or go down. The measure sometimes is pip and sometimes fractional pip. But most of the binary options brokers offer simple pips and make border line, whether to market go up or go below. Now the trader will have to decide the expected movement of market.


Time Frames of Binary Options


Binary Options has the same time frame just like meta trader. Basically, platform for trading in Binary Options is available on web trader. They are also giving the opportunity of 60 seconds (1 minute) to 24 hours a day duration. In these timings, a trader can choose the market direction. If a trader is fundamental analyst or technical analyst, it is easy to use web trader of binary options.


Investment required in Binary Options


Some binary options brokers offer a minimum of $10 to invest in binary options and start play with market. Some brokers offer a minimum of $100 and above to start trading with them. The minimum lot is in trader’s hands, whether he decides to trade in cents or dollars.


Bonuses upon Deposit


Binary Brokers offer high bonuses on the first investment. Some brokers offer 200% of the first investment and some offer 500% of initial investment. These bonuses are to attract the investors and traders. Traders who are willing to withdraw that bonus will have to trade certain lots to make the bonus available for withdrawal. Binary Options doesn’t have leverage feature, as it doesn’t need to open lot in real. If we call it as gambling then it will be a truth. When trader opens a trade then they call it they open bet, it is not a trade.


Payment Options


Just like Forex Brokers, they have several payment options for deposit and withdrawal. Some of the Forex Brokers have license of classic trading and binary trading both. They are running both the programs, the teams are different to each other but the firm is singular. The most famous deposit options are all credit cards, Skrill, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and some others. The withdrawal are same, but deposit through credit cards is allowed with some brokers, but they don’t allow withdrawal in Credit Cards. The offer bank transfer or wire transfer for withdrawal purpose, if you have deposited through Credit Cards. If a trader has deposited $100 through skrill then he will not allowed to withdraw his profits through perfect money, he will have to withdraw all the money through the same payment method used for deposit.


As far as my information, some brokers have offered robot trading in binary trades. I don’t know whether this information is true or not. But it looks easy to trade through binary platform within 60 seconds to 15 minutes time frame. Trader can take chance of $100 to trade with binary, only at that time when he can afford to lose. This is serious warning for traders “Don’t invest the amount more than you can afford to lose”. These are golden words that I have learned from the beginning of my forex career.


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