Earn Free Bitcoin – Is That True? Can You Earn?

Earn Free Bitcoin is as much easy?

Earn Free Bitcoin sounds good. This is a thing that every online user who knows about online cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the basic currency and its worth is above $6k in recent days. If a coin with that much worth and someone is going to give you free then why not? This thing looks damn cool. Free money by Earn Free Bitcoin. What is the reality behind this offer? why are they offering you free bitcoin? If you search on internet then you will find several websites offering you to earn free bitcoin.


Some of these sites are legit and some are fake, because people make similar websites to scam people and for other reasons. Here we are discussing about how to earn free bitcoin, so we will not talk about other websites. Why they are offering it? what is the reason behind free bitcoin? For this purpose, people shall read the basics of bitcoin and its generation. Bitcoin is actually a block chain technology and it uses SHA-256 hashing technology. This is the safest way to transcript and decrypt the data. This is a technology that is nearly impossible to break.


Bitcoin generation is subject to computer power usage and graphic cards too. There are several websites offer you free bitcoins, in return they want you to run a small software on their behalf. This kind of software uses your computer CPU power to mine bitcoin and you don’t even know about that. They are giving you a ratio of mining and using your computer power. In simple words they are doing cryptography with your computer. This can be an extension of your browser, that can be chrome or firefox. What happens when you use your computer for mining purpose? It will use your CPU and your memory along with graphics. If the mining exceeds to its limit then it may burn small parts of your computer or laptop. There are several people who are suffering this.


Another way some sites are offering free satoshi of bitcoins for the visitors of their websites. This can be redeem once a day or sometimes there is hours limitation. This is to keep the visitor engaged with their website. This may also cause some kind of malware that may transfer to your computer while you are browsing their website for free bitcoin.


It is obvious that nobody is going to give you free bitcoin without doing anything. Whether you keep engaged with their website or by running their software either in your system or in your browser. If you are using this facility in limited time period with limited power use then you will make a little amount of bitcoin with high use of power. That means you are going to give them more than you earn. That’s the thing which we wanted to shed light on.

Mining of Cryptocurrency is based upon computer power and GPU. It also depends upon the difficulty in mining. The more difficulty the more power it consume in block chain. Nowadays the high and low in prices is not because of production and demand, its a game of bulls and bears. Don’t think that if the price is going high means that the production has too much difficulty. You can mine bitcoin and other altcoins. But in proper means. It will require investment in cryptocurrency. Whether to buy a mining rig to build your own block chain or buy some coins from open market.


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