Fundamental Analysis in Trading – What is it?

Fundamental Analysis Story

Fundamental analysis is a thing that most of traders do while they are trading. This is not an all time analysis. It is a type of analysis base upon rumors, any political or financial news from money regulatory authorities or similar. The most fluctuating and influential news is USA non farm payroll.


When traders are going to trade with the help of fundamental analysis then they should keep several things in their minds. They shouldn’t panic when the market moves against them. If we see several analyst websites then they will give you charts of events. These are the events that impact on markets, especially on Forex Market. Similarly, we can see the impact of fundamental on crypto currency market too. Nowadays people are in craze of crypto and that’s why several countries are going to launch their own crypto currencies. Cryptography is in trending nowadays.


Fundamental analysis need time to learn. The analyst of fundamental should understand the expected impact whether it is positive or negative. I personally have experience of forex market so I can say that it may move more than 100 pips positive or negative within one upcoming news or event. These events can also be found in google search. There are a lot of websites offering free analysis, but your own risk.


Types of Analysis


Here we are giving information related to analysis and their types, we do not recommend any person to invest without practices. If a person do proper practices then he will be able to understand market. Whether he choose fundamental or technical analysis, both are good and effective. Most of the analysts choose technical analysis. I personally am a technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is easier than technical. It doesn’t take that much time to understand, but if we see technical analysis then it takes a lot of time and a lot of charts patterns to analyze the market.


Use of demo account can also help to understand the situation of market. It doesn’t means that a trader should always do demo trading and doesn’t courage to go live trading. Its for the purpose of market analysis. It help’s trader to analyze the market with out any loss of physical money. In demo accounts traders only lose their time and that spending of time gives them experience. That experience can give them a lot of money from forex market or any other market. The main thing is analysis and the type of analysis you choose.


Make money but with brain


I will suggest ever reader of my website that be realistic. If you want to make money then you can do it But it will require a lot of time and learning. Don’t expect it as a bed of roses. It’s not easy to make money just with some finger tip movements and that’s it. No, it require a lot of time and your practices. The forex brokers always attract traders to come and invest with them. These attractions are somewhere true, but not applicable for all of the traders.


We can not say that it is gambling. Forex or any other trading is purely based upon experience and practices. If a trader start trading without practices and learning then we can say that he is trying to gamble. We never recommend to our readers to enter in any market without proper preparation.


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